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MediaRocket brings over 100 years of collective marketing experience to the table. We bring cutting-edge ideas, creative execution and professional excellence to every project. We believe marketing campaigns need to ignite emotion in order to spark action, and that?s why we strive to create every campaign with human logic first, regardless of the traditional and digital means we use to promote it.

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

One-Stop Digital Agency

Web Design​

We create beautiful and affordable websites for small to medium-sized businesses. Our sites are optimized and ready to convert traffic into leads and sales.


Every single project we launch here at AA marketing is the culmination of a thorough and intense planning process. We involve anyone on our team that can contribute to the strategy process from designers and communication planners to search strategists and management consultants. In our work process, we involve anyone who can contribute positively to the process, so that when we put your strategy in action, you know it's been planned to perfection.

Media Buying

Having a perfect pitch won't do you any good if it isn't pitched in just the right places. And with the plethora of mediums out there today, you need an expert (or three) on your side to help ensure that the message is conveyed at just the right time and place. Our media buying experts specialize in ensuring that every digital dollar you spent contributes to your overall goal, and we audit our process at every stage to ensure that your campaign remains as relevant on its twentieth day as it was on its first day.

Social Media​​

Want a social media campaign that knocks people's socks off? Well, so do we, and we know just what needs to happen to make that a reality. We'll help you to unlock the potential of your brand, and inject it in all the right channels. Together, we'll reach your customers at the most opportune time and place, whether this means through their Facebook feeds and Instagram accounts, or through a perfectly executive guerilla marketing campaign.

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